About ME

Hi I'm Bello

Hello! My name is Bello, and I am a red toy Cavoodle stud dog. I weigh around 3kg even though I am a fully grown 4 year old adult! I have successfully studded over 6 times (and counting) and have been successful each and every time, so some might say that I’m a bit of an expert!

I was born into a litter of 8, and am a very healthy and active boy who never sheds and am hypoallergenic. I am DNA checked, regularly vet checked, and have all of my vaccinations up to date. I am also able to provide you with testimonials from my past girlfriend’s mum or dads.

Whenever I go out I usually feel like a bit of a celebrity as people always stop to admire me and take my picture. My name translates to a beautiful boy, and let’s just say that I know how to use my good looks to get what I want! 

I know how to sit, high five, hug on command, go home on command, hunt for hidden treats, and many other things. I’m a playful, yet very intelligent, caring, and loyal friend to my mum and dad. My mum will also consider waiving the fee for her pick of the litter.

I’ve started my very own Instagram, so go and check it out for some more pictures of me! @bellothecavoodle

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