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We are located 14 minutes from Sydney CBD, near Gladesville.

We will provide you with 1-2 sessions which will take approximately 30 minutes, at a cost of $700. Your female can also stay overnight or for as long as needed with Bello at a cost of $900.

Bello is a first generation toy cavoodle. 

Louie is a purebred poodle.

Cocoa is a second generation cavoodle.

Yes, they are fully DNA tested and results show that they are completely 100% clear of genetic and health defects within the Orivet full breed profile test. We will provide you with a copy of their DNA test after the session. 

Genes are 1 of 3 major influences on temperament. Bello is highly loyal, fantastic at following commands, and extremely intelligent and aware of his surroundings. He easily trained, not anxious at all, and great around children and strangers alike. 

Bello has had a very high success rate so far. We will provide you with 1-2 sessions for $700, or an additional third session for an extra $100 (which is rarely necessary). In the off chance that this final attempt is unsuccessful, we do not provide refunds, however we will happily provide you with further sessions at no extra cost next time your female is on heat. He is very experienced, if your female is ready, he will get the job done.

Yes. If your female is ready to mate, but Bello and your female cannot tie properly for any reason such as small vulva or for comfort reasons, we offer you the option of artificial insemination. This is covered under the $700 overnight rate. This can be done on the same day through transvaginal insemination using fresh sperm from Bello.

Unspayed females typically go into heat every 6 months. The female will stay on heat for approximately 18 days. The first sign of this is blood tinged discharge or blood ‘spotting’, as well as a swollen vulva. During this time your female may appear nervous, more alert than usual, and easily distractible. After your female first spot bleeds, the ideal timing for mating is between 9-13 days from when she first bleed. We recommend getting a progesterone test and booking an appointment at 9 days after from first spot bleed so we do not miss her heat.

Bello’s average litter that he has sired has had around 5+ puppies. It varies completely.

We only accept payment upfront for stud services, payment must be made in cash.

Yes we are full Registered Breeders with Responsible Pet Breeders Australia. And we must uphold the RPBA code of ethics and standards. You can find our full dog breeder membership details here.

To prevent potential harm to your female dog, we highly recommend not going to an inexperienced stud or breeder.

We are experienced breeders and trainers and so are our boys, they are well very well trained and 99% of the time will have success in a tied connection unless the female vulva is too small to fit comfortably. In this case, we recommend AI which can also be done straight away on the spot.

No, they are hypoallergenic and do not shed.

We recommend doing a contactless visit as it allows for your female and male to have some natural bonding mating time. This enables a much smoother and quicker mating transition, as when the female dog owner is not present we often see wild natural independent canine instincts kick in for the female.

A contactless stud visit would involve you coming to the door of our home, and dropping off your female. During the visit, you are welcome to wait in your car or go for a walk.

We would then take your female, and introduce her to our stud on our special made memory foam dog bed – we then allow for natural bonding mating time and once they are both ready we will assist in the process. As experienced breeders most of the time we can achieve a tie within less than 5 minutes. Upon request, we can also take photos or videos once they have been tied.

Once connected we then support the female and male by holding them in place if they are moving around and offer lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement. We will text you an update on a successful tie.

Connections can be anywhere from 2mins to 17mins, after the tie is finished, holding her we then gently lift the female legs for 5 mins and let gravity give us that extra push to retain as much semen as possible. During this process, we will gently massage the female’s neck or belly to help her relax. I will send you a text at this point to let you know she is ready to pick up.

During the process, we also have fresh water and a treat available for them both if they want it.

Note: when we see females come twice most of them are very happy to see us again.

Feel free to ask me about the process and I can send you a pre-stud checklist from the registered breed club I’m with.

If you’re looking to DNA test your dog, Orivet is a great option. With Orivet, you can test for over 350 different breeds, and you’ll receive your results in just 2-3 weeks. Plus, Orivet offers a wide range of other pet health services, so you can get everything you need in one place. Here’s how to DNA test your dog with Orivet:

  1. Order your kit. You can order your Orivet DNA test kit online or over the phone. Once you have your kit, you’ll need to register it online.
  2. Collect your sample. To collect your dog’s DNA sample, simply swab the inside of their cheek with the provided swab.
  3. Mail your sample. Mail your sample back to Orivet using the provided shipping label.
  4. Get your results. You’ll receive your results in 2-3 weeks. You can view your results online or through the Orivet app.

If you are looking to become a registered breeder with Responsible Pet Breeders Australia, there are a few things you need to do. First, you will need to fill out an application. This application will ask for your contact information, as well as the type of animals you breed. After your registration has been processed by a vet, you will be given a registration number that you will need to display on your website or advertising materials.

As a registered breeder with Responsible Pet Breeders Australia, you will be held to a high standard of care for the animals you breed. You will be required to provide them with proper nutrition, housing, and veterinary care. You will also be required to keep detailed records of the animals you breed, including their health records. By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that the animals you breed are healthy and well-cared for.

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