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Hi I'm Bello, Meet My Babies

Bello has had a very high success rate studding with females that are ready.

He is the sire to more than 10 litters with females both smaller and larger than himself. These range from Toy Cavoodles, Mini Cavoodles, Poodles, Cavalier King Charles, and Shih Tzus.

All of Bello’s babies have come out all red/brown (the rarest and most sought after colours), some with hints of white like white belly and white socks (teddy bear look).

Even when he has mated with a black, cream and apricot female his pups have still come out red/brown. He connects extremely well with any females that he meets, and we always receive fantastic feedback from the female dog’s owner. 

He is 100% Orivet Cavoodle Full Breed DNA cleared .

Here are a few images of Bello’s babies that he has sired from different mothers. If you would like to purchase one of Bello’s pups we will put you in touch with the females owners he has sired with.

Or if you are interested in Bello as a stud dog for your female please see more information on this page.

red toy cavoodle
red toy cavoodle
cavoodle litter
first generation toy cavoodles
red and white cavoodle
DNA tested cavoodle
red and white toy cavoodle
red cavoodle litter
brown female cavoodle
brown male cavoodle
dark red cavoodle
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